To Work or Not To Work, That is the Question

Many people that get injured in car crashes always ask me a similar sounding question which is, “what happens if they see me washing my car? Or they see me going to work? Or they see me outside working on my yard? Will that hurt my case?”

My answer is always the same, “absolutely not just be yourself, tell the truth, and do the best you can to live with your injuries.” No one likes a faker and jurors can smell someone that’s faking a mile away. Why play into the typical stereotype of the person who is not really hurt and trying to win the lottery?

I always tell my clients that honesty is the best policy. People understand that you need to go to work even if you’re in pain. People understand that you need to take care of your lawn even if you are in pain. People understand that not everyone has the kind of money where they can take their car to the car wash every week.

So, in my opinion, be yourself and be honest with your case. I am not saying you should do something stupid such as engaging in activities that are outside of any restrictions you may have been given by the doctor. I am not saying that this is the time to take up bungee jumping if you are truly injured. But I am saying that in general jurors respect and appreciate people who try to deal with their injuries rather than those who sit on the couch and do nothing but complain about their lot in life.