Bicycles Share the Road
Cyclists often find themselves in dangerous situations with inattentive automobile drivers. We have represented a number of clients over the years who have sustained injuries while cycling. At 24/7 Injury Lawyer Attorney Bruce Kleinberg understands how dangerous riding a bicycle may be and how serious the injuries that may result if a crash occurs.
Know Your Rights
Bruce knows how to protect your legal rights and pursue each and every option available to you for monetary recovery. For example, even though a cycling client may not have been in their vehicle when the accident took place, their own auto insurance will provide medical and possibly other financial benefits if pursued in a timely and legal manner. In addition, Bruce will naturally consider the insurance policy coverage of the driver that caused the accident as well as other potential avenues of recovery.
Compassion, Commitment and Expertise
Often times injuries involving a cycling accident can be serious requiring months of therapy care and even surgery. Bruce not only cares about your financial recovery but also about your personal recovery. Bruce is committed to work with you from the first day he meets you until your case is complete to ensure that you have received the best medical attention possible in your case. In addition, because Bruce is an M.D., he can review your medical records in-house and develop a strategic plan for the case that is uniquely right for you.