Are You Properly Insured?
At 24/7 Injury Lawyer Attorney Bruce Kleinberg understands the unique challenges that motorcycle cases present and with his 30 years of experience Bruce is able to meet and overcome these challenges. Up until several years ago, the main difference between motorcycle crashes and car crashes was the absence of personal injury protection coverage to pay for medical bills. In recent years however most car insurance companies have started to issue personal injury protection policies for motorcycle drivers; finally, motorcycle owners are not being penalized for riding and enjoying their bikes.
Ride at Your Own Risk?
Unfortunately, it is a “knee-jerk” reaction these days for people to think that if there is a crash involving a motorcycle then the motorcycle owner must be at fault. The general perception is that riding a motorcycle is dangerous and therefore, a rider does so at his or her own risk. Of course, this is ridiculous. Motorcycle owners are generally safer drivers due to the fact that they are the ones having to watch out for negligent drivers. Motorcycle owners also go through much more advanced training in order to obtain their license than do car owners.
Exceptional Service, Trial Expertise and Medical Knowledge
Attorney Bruce Kleinberg will be there for you 24/7 in the event of an accident. Call Bruce before you talk to yours or any other insurance agent and be sure to seek medical help; after all that is what your PIP insurance is for. If your case needs to go to a jury trial, Bruce’s expertise in civil trial law gives him the ability to educate potential jurors on the advanced training and often safer driving skills of motorcycle owners. Finally, Bruce’s superior knowledge of medicine gives him the “edge” when he investigates and works up the often catastrophic injuries that motorcycle rider suffers due to the negligence of others.