After practicing injury law for almost 30 years, Bruce made the decision to create a firm that would provide his clients with individualized service. Bruce wanted to provide a new approach to handling cases based on attention to detail and one on one contact between the client and the lawyer. What makes Bruce’s firm unique is his availability 24/7 in an emergency. At 24/7 Injury Lawyer the goal is to provide on the spot assistance for people involved in serious injury cases. In Bruce’s almost 30 years of practicing injury law, he has become convinced that the earlier he can get involved in a case, the more he can help.

If you are looking for a factory approach to your case, then this is not the injury firm for you. At 24/7 Injury Lawyer Bruce works to develop a personal relationship with each client so the client knows that if they, their family or their friends ever need a lawyer for any matter they will turn to Bruce Kleinberg at 24/7 Injury Lawyer for help.


A lot of lawyers talk tough on their commercials and try to convince you that they are “aggressive”. Others like to try and convince you that they are trying to “get justice” on your behalf. How many of these lawyers have been tested in combat? How many have truly sought justice for people by serving their country? Bruce has done both. First he volunteered and served with a paratroop unit in the Israeli Army seeing combat in Lebanon. His unit also provided logistical support for American forces serving in Lebanon at that time. He received an Honorable Discharge from the Israeli Army as a non-commission officer.


Upon returning home, Bruce began searching for a way to use his military experience in Israel to serve the United States. In 1991, he found such a pathway at a Hillsborough County Bar annual meeting. General Norman Schwarzkopf was the guest speaker. Bruce approached the General and asked if he could help him get into the army. General Schwarzkopf directed Bruce to his Judge Advocate General and six months later Bruce took the oath of office as a First Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserves. Bruce then served eight years and retired honorably with the rank of Captain.


In addition to doing personal injury work, Bruce has done community-based law beginning with service as a patrol officer in Sarasota. After law school, Bruce began his legal career as an assistant state attorney in Hillsborough County. As both a police officer and an ASA, Bruce gained valuable experience in working with people within the criminal justice system.


Many personal injury lawyers call themselves “injury lawyers” or advertise that they practice in the area of “injury law”. How much do these lawyers really know about injuries? While many personal injury lawyers have some basic knowledge of certain limited aspects of medicine, how many have earned an MD degree? Although the Florida Bar does not keep records on the subject, it is believed that Bruce is the first practicing board certified injury attorney to have successfully earned an MD degree. This gives Bruce a level of knowledge about medicine which far exceeds that of most injury lawyers. Who do you think would know more about your injury case? A lawyer with almost 30 years of experience and is a medical doctor or one who is not?


Unlike most of the injury lawyers you see on TV, Bruce is board certified in civil trial law. Injury law is a part of civil trial law. Less than 6% of all lawyers in Florida are board certified. Board certified lawyers must meet very high standards both in the courtroom and out. In addition to being board certified, Bruce has tried over 60 jury trials to verdict. Many of the TV lawyers have never even set foot in a courtroom. Who do you think the insurance companies will take more seriously; a board certified lawyer with 60 plus jury trials or a TV lawyer who has never or rarely ever tried a case to verdict?