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At 24/7 Injury Lawyer Attorney Bruce Kleinberg offers his clients almost 30 years of legal experience that combines concepts from law and medicine. Bruce is certified as an Expert in Civil Trial Law by the Florida Bar and is an M.D., making him the first attorney to hold these two credentials at the same time in Florida. By utilizing his experience and credentials, Bruce’s clients receive a comprehensive approach to their cases which maximizes their financial and medical recoveries. Bruce is available 24/7 to respond to people who need his help.

Sound Experience

Over the years, Bruce has handled thousands of injury cases and has successfully navigated through many issues to achieve successful results for his clients. Bruce has also learned that each client has unique circumstances, needs, and goals, and that his seasoned advice is crucial to help them make sound decisions. Most importantly, Bruce has tried over sixty injury cases to jury verdict, and he absolutely knows how to get his clients’ cases ready for trial when necessary.

Uncommon Credentials

Bruce is one of only 6% of Florida attorneys who are board certified. Bruce has been board certified since 1999. Recently, Bruce earned his M.D. degree and thereby became the first and only board certified civil trial lawyer M.D. in the history of the State of Florida.

Personal Results

24/7 Injury Lawyer is about personal results. Each case has an individualized case plan developed by Bruce and all new clients meet with Bruce not an investigator or other staff member.