Pedestrians and Personal Injury Insurance
Many times issues involving personal injury protection arise in the context of pedestrian-car crashes. Sometimes the situation involves a pedestrian who does not own a car. In this scenario, the pedestrian would be able to make a claim for personal injury protection benefits under the at-fault driver’s policy. Other times the pedestrian may own a car but simply is not aware that they can apply for personal injury protection benefits even though they were not occupying their car at the time of the crash.

How We Are Different
Car crashes involving pedestrians often involve extensive and complex injuries. In complex injury cases, attorneys will often send the material out for a file review by a registered nurse or sometimes by a medical doctor. These people, of course, do not possess a legal background and therefore, they do not have the ability to see the legal ramifications of injuries as they analyze the case. At our firm, you get the benefit of a board certified civil trial attorney that is also a medical doctor reviewing your case.

Our Team of Experts
Pedestrian crashes may also involve unique matters such as lighting, roadway conditions, and line of sight issues. These issues need to be addressed quickly and efficiently by competent and skilled experts. At our firm, we have the ability to get these types of experts into the case immediately in order to preserve evidence that could help the case.
As with all personal injury cases, it is imperative that you call an injury attorney before you speak with any insurance agent and seek immediate medical treatment. We are available 24/7 to provide prompt, experienced legal help for you and your loved ones.